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1. History

Even as a child, Dominik preferred to spend the night outside in the garden than in his home bed. On his forays through meadows and forests, he observes animals and collects plants. TV series after school didn’t let him stay long in the apartment, he much preferred paddling down the Elbe on his own with self-made means of transport – not always to the delight of his often worried parents. Instead of video games and sweets, practical utensils such as binoculars, knives and compass were on the Christmas wish list. His school interest was in the natural sciences; in biology and geography he created cross-curricular documentation. During his time in the military, he learned to appreciate the art of survival as well as the supporting use of technical aids; he was particularly fond of special vehicles. He deepened the knowledge he had already learned with the courses in nature conservation and vehicle technology, and consolidated his practical skills with the master craftsman’s examination in motor vehicle craftsmanship. In retrospect, however, awards for hard work and environmental protection from bygone times were much more important to him, e.g. “Best waste material collector 1987”. For the purpose of documentation, in addition to reporting, he also developed a passion for photography; from then on, his constantly growing photographic equipment was part of his daily touring luggage. He was drawn into the world, traveling to new countries and discovering remote areas was his passion. The variety of landscapes on the continents attracted him again and again, but he still enjoyed returning to his second home, the Scandinavian north, on a regular basis. In the beginning he still used slightly modified cars for his tours, later on based on his own plans and experience he constructed extremely durable, reliable and globally applicable travel and expedition vehicles. The knowledge gained during his development work in an automotive company also helped him. His life demanded a stamp that gave birth to Backcountry Expeditions. In 2014, the corresponding website followed, which has been expanded almost daily with new photos, technically sound knowledge, findings from the outdoor area and numerous product reviews. The idea behind this: if you help people to find the best possible product and impart useful knowledge, you also help our planet. In 2019 he registered backcountry expeditions with the four cornerstones in the logo: adventure tours, expedition vehicles, outdoor products and photography as a registered trademark. An idea for responsible and sustainable handling of our environment.

2. Philosophy

Our life was practically always outside. What we have in common is the love of freedom and nature. We are looking for the way to adventure. With the offers on our website, we would like you to participate in our global experience. We would also like to convey our loyal principle of sustainability to other people. It is a personal concern of ours to limit the human influence in our environment to the lowest possible level. It starts with what we buy (long-lasting and environmentally friendly products) and how we deal with it (avoiding waste and properly disposing of what has accumulated).

3. Tours

Everything starts with a journey. So the name “Backcountry Expeditions” came about very early on, even before our website was created. This motto, “Hinterland discovery trips”, characterizes our adventure and experience tours, which we plan, organize and carry out exclusively ourselves. Without getting to know the beauties of our planet, people often find it difficult to understand and learn to protect them. We see ourselves on a “mission”, and we place top priority on sustainable nature conservation. As a result of this responsibility, we do not publicly disclose exact directions for our tours or GPS coordinates of protected destinations. Experience has shown that it is above all people who treat nature in a particularly responsible manner, who had to show a high level of commitment or initiative themselves in order to find certain places at all. To protect our planet from environmentally harmful mass tourism and to preserve nature for future generations, we ourselves live true to the motto “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. You can find out more about dealing with and behavior in nature in our tour FAQs.

4. Renting

In addition to one of our tours, you can also rent a fully equipped off-road and expedition vehicle for your own private vacation trip. Of course, we can also provide you with special travel and camping equipment if required.

5. Reviews

With our honest product reviews and practical tests, we would like to help you buy sensible outdoor equipment. This saves you unnecessary negative experiences and helps to use the resources of our planet in a more sustainable way. In addition to the corresponding practical suitability, an independent objectivity in the assessment is decisive for us. All the products presented were used by us in everyday life and on tour; It is not uncommon for a short product life story to emerge over the longest possible period of use.

6. Lexicon

In our large knowledge database we have put everything that is not a direct offer to you, but gives you invaluable experience on various topics. Thoroughly researched reports on essential outdoor topics, instructions from the field of vehicle technology, recipes for food preparation, and much more.

7. Photography

Our main focus is primarily on the motif and its moment on location, we spare no time or effort. You have the option of ordering high-quality prints on canvas and other carrier materials from our gallery images. In addition, we are happy to fulfill your very personal photo request, just talk to us.

8. Shop

The market is already overflowing with poorly thought out, short-lived, inferior and sometimes even dangerous products. In our shop we only offer you a range of high-quality, carefully selected products that have been extensively tested by us in practice. Consequently, we do not sell anything that we do not use ourselves, have used in the past and / or can recommend without hesitation.

9. Specials

We strive for individuality, we are happy to accept your special requests for the points mentioned here. Be it a specific travel destination that you want to reach with us, an individual off-road vehicle that you would like us to (re) build, a personal photo motif that you dream of, a detailed review of your choice, or a product, which you still miss in our shop … do not hesitate to contact us.