Tours Instruction

Autor: Dominik

Very few people are aware of the circumstances and risks of an adventure tour through sometimes remote wilderness areas. Therefore, I ask any fellow travelers to consciously deal with this article and to hand me a signed waiver of liability and data protection declaration.

1. Tour charakter

This event is an experience and adventure trip, a trip with an expedition character or other event with a sport and adventure character. Such trips and events involve special risks for the participants, their equipment and vehicles. Means of transport include land, water and air vehicles of all kinds, regardless of whether they are motorized, powered by muscle power or using external forces.

2. Health risks

Despite careful and caring care, there can be an increased risk of illness, accident and injury (risk of falling, avalanches, falling rocks, landslides, crevasses, altitude sickness, cold damage, infections, tree felling, hazards due to natural events, bad weather, animals, plants, especially in the outdoor area , and other dangers that cannot be foreseen due to the nature of the trips as adventure trips) are not completely reduced and excluded. It should also be noted that in nature, especially in remote regions (especially without a connection for mobile phones), due to technical or logistical difficulties, rescue and / or medical treatment options are only available to a very limited extent.

3. Individual responsibility

Each participant is expected to show a considerable degree of personal responsibility and prudence, adequate preparation of their own travel arrangements, but also an increased willingness to take risks. It is therefore urgently recommended that the participant deal intensively (e.g. by studying the relevant specialist literature) with the requirements and risks that may be associated with the tour. The participant is responsible for compliance with all legal regulations of the country of travel, in particular the passport, visa, foreign exchange, customs, vaccination, health, traffic and insurance regulations of the country of travel. The participant declares that he / she has taken out adequate insurance cover (both persons and vehicle) for this trip and that his / her physical condition and personal abilities are sufficient to participate in this event. The driver of the vehicle declares that he / she is the owner and keeper of the vehicle, or the keeper and owner has given him / her permission to participate in this event with this vehicle under these conditions of participation.

On hikes and mountain climbs, boat and white water rides, bicycle, cross-country and enduro tours, toboggan, snowmobile and quad excursions, helicopter and plane trips, optional excursions, sporting activities and all kinds of events or activities that involve If there are particular risks involved, participants take part at their own risk. You bear sole civil and criminal responsibility for all damage caused by you and by you or the vehicles you use. The participants, as well as, in the case of vehicles, the vehicle keepers and owners, waive any right of action or recourse against me, my agents, helpers, authorities, agencies and any other persons who are in connection with the organization and implementation of the event, provided the damage or accident is not based on intent or gross negligence. Parents are responsible for supervising their children; i.a. if these are neglected, you will be responsible for your children.

4. Imponderables

For various unpredictable reasons, there may be deviations from the planned itinerary. My orders must be followed. In this case, there is no entitlement to compensation or a reduction in price. Basically, I have the greatest interest in making my tour as safe and successful as possible.

5. Off-road rides

The trips include components such as trips on and off paved roads, also outside of the regulations of the respective home country of the tour participants and outside of EU regulations: driving through all kinds of terrain obstacles with the participants’ own vehicles or my vehicle, trips on paths that are rarely used and which are not or only rarely repaired, routes without winter service, cross-country journeys away from paths, driving on narrow paths without edge protection, driving on difficult to assess soil conditions, driving on steep slopes and crossing rivers with vehicles, crossing desert areas, Activities when recovering stuck vehicles, removing obstacles on the route such as fallen trees, stones, remains of snow, camp activities, overnight stays in the open air, etc.

6. Route knowledge

The route and organizational knowledge gained during my tour are based on many years of professional experience and have been carefully selected and compiled; I claim copyright for this compilation. Route data and GPS coordinates are my intellectual property and may not be published by anyone, and no one else but myself may be used commercially. In the event of non-compliance, I must be reimbursed for damages in the full amount of the income generated, but at least three times the amount of the total tour costs.

7. Data processing

All data collected by me, which the tour participant has forwarded to me for the scope of my tour, will only be used to process the tour. The personal data made available to me will only be stored, processed and protected in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act for the purpose of the tour.

8. Photo and video recordings

Pictures will be taken during the event. In the following I will inform you about the type and purpose of the images, about the legal basis and your rights.

The image recordings are used for the following purposes: making the recordings available to the participants; Internal image database or image archive; Use in the internal network (intranet); Provision to sponsors / partners; Presentation and promotion of my own achievements; References to further and similar events; my own print media and comparable publications; Advertising purposes (e.g. image film); Public coverage of the event; Public relation; Use on my website; Posting on social media; Publication on TV / television; Image database or image archive that is accessible and usable for everyone (e.g. image download area with a selection of media for reporting purposes).

Publication under open licenses (e.g. Creative Commons): Publication and / or distribution under open licenses (e.g. “Creative Commons licenses”) or in the public domain; Use by press and media; Commercial use, e.g. in stock image archives; Artistic purposes; Reference for photographer; Use in video productions; Video coverage of the event; Use for teaching / teaching; Yearbooks and comparable records; School newspaper; Lecture and demonstration purposes

Type of recordings: photographs and video recordings.

Legal basis of the recordings: Legitimate interests in the use of the recordings for the aforementioned purposes in accordance with Article 6 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 lit.

Retention period of the image recordings: The image recordings are kept for as long as is necessary for the aforementioned purposes. The image recordings can be stored internally without restriction, e.g. to secure copyright claims by providing evidence of original recordings and, moreover, for reasons of historical documentation. In the case of publication, the recordings can be published as long as the respective publication medium, article or contribution is publicly accessible.

Notes on third-party photographs: Photographs can also be taken by the participants of the event on their own responsibility. I ask the participants to show mutual consideration for their personal rights. Media representatives can be on site during the event and take responsibility for taking pictures.

Minors and public figures: I ask you to show special consideration for minors and not to photograph them or only with the consent of their legal guardians, or in the case of young people from the age of 16 with their consent. Fellow travelers who are in “public” life are asked to point out to me the privacy that has to be observed.

Your rights: You can assert your right to information or correction, deletion and restriction of the processing of the photographs and you can complain to the competent supervisory authority. You can object to the processing of recordings and data that concern you at any time.

9. Confirmation by the participant

The tour participant confirms with his signature that he has read and understood this instruction; he / she is aware of the dangers of this event and he / she consciously accepts them.


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