For companies

Autor: Dominik

Dear company employees, dear managing directors, Thank you for your interest in my services! For possible future cooperations I ask you to take some time (approx. 12min) to read this article.

1.What the internet is full of (4min)

Usually, a social media activist turns to a company with a request to release products, or the company contacts the influencer with a corresponding offer of cooperation. The influencer should then integrate the product to be advertised into everyday life as far as possible, and thus suggest to the viewers that they like to use it more often on a daily basis. As a rule, this leads to pure glossing over, deficits are not mentioned, and defects are played down at best. Such an opportunistic appearance has little or nothing to do with a review, i.e. a critical-objective consideration. There can be no meaningful practical experience, since the article was only made available recently. In addition, the result should of course be available as quickly as possible, and of course the influencer does not invest any (unpaid) working time. Finally, there are other items, also from other companies, which also have to be advertised at short notice. So a few imaginative stories about alleged missions are often added, of course without being able to provide the slightest proof of this. In short, the opportunist lies, sometimes more, sometimes less brazenly. Unsuspecting viewers don’t know this, naive ones don’t realize it, and knowledgeable ones get sick of it. As a result, negative comments are usually deleted by the protagonist, and at best he/she then presents himself/herself to the “loyal” subscribers as a pitiful, honest hater victim. The “smartest” thing here would probably be not to react to it at all. Despite these small inconveniences, the calculation is profitable for both cooperation partners. The influencer is rewarded for lying and the company sells more products. Of the duped consumers, only very few will openly admit this, but more and more of them are contacting me. The financial loss is one thing, but the difficulties consumers sometimes get into as a result of these deceptions are quite another. I can completely understand that one feels cheated here (see wikipedia: “The offense of fraud covers behavior with which someone induces another through deception to dispose of their own or someone else’s property and thereby cause financial damage in favor of the perpetrator or a third party. )

The number of emails from disappointed consumers is increasing almost in proportion to the requests for cooperation from companies that don’t seem to care at all. Cooperation requests that I no longer just reject, but meanwhile no longer answer at all. If your company is not one of the questionable ones of this strategy, plan something for the long term, value something special, maybe a serious unique selling point, please read on.

2. My difference (4min)

While most social media activists focus primarily on online presences on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook & Co, in the last 7 years I have over 350 (as of 2021) high-quality, detailed and CEO-compliant product reviews with real user and long-term experiences as well as thousands of professional photos, and published in unpaid initiative. As a result, my website ranked first in the search engines. As of 2022, this means around 500 visitors a day and around one million views a year, and the trend is rising, demonstrably of course.

Due to the advance of social networks, there was a growing lack of really meaningful product images and practical photos that are easily accessible to everyone. The greed for such photos is so high that my pictures are not only officially in demand, but are also increasingly being illegally misused internationally. For a company that is self-reliant and is convinced of the quality of its products, it can be described as embarrassing that this type of advertising has been neglected more and more and fewer and fewer companies are willing to pay money for serious advertising . It would be much easier to market a product with a good photo in the search engine and an honest review. Because my website is not tied to subscribers like a channel or profile on a platform, for example, but can be found and read relatively easily by anyone worldwide (www). In order to perfect this concept, there are now corresponding videos on my relatively young YouTube channel for more and more written product reviews. Both complement each other in parallel, whereby the videos are in no way inferior to my reports in terms of professionalism and meaningfulness.

My way of presenting is comprehensive and goes far beyond the simple short display of products. I create professional photos, vivid reports, detailed videos and exciting adventure stories that can be used in all media. And in the end, one thing emerges above all: a satisfied buyer. If I am convinced of a product with my claims and my philosophy, experience has shown that skeptics will be too. You can buy subscriptions and opinions, but not authenticity and conviction.

Due to all the effort I put into my work, this service is of course not for nothing. Free product gifts are of relatively little use to me, I too have to be able to make a living from something, just as a photographer lives from his pictures, a tourist guide from his travels, or a product tester from his tests. In my concept, I combine these three activities and ask you to contact me if you are interested in cooperation if you are willing to pay my extensive work fairly.

3. Tours (1min)

My adventure tours with an expedition character are directly related to my product reviews, i.e. they are often carried out precisely for this purpose. For maximum authenticity, I test, photograph and evaluate outdoor products “live” on tour. Both as part of my adventure trips and on shorter active trips with a focus on hiking, trekking, mountain biking, paddling and 4×4 off-roading, people (tour participants) can accompany me if necessary, and they are also welcome to actively participate in my product tests (possibly with the exception of prototypes); more here. Photos are taken on these tours, and depending on the product, there may also be videos about the product in question. Of particular interest to you as a company:

  • Promotional tours, just in time for the market launch of the respective product
  • general advertising purposes during series production
  • vivid and entertaining travel reports in reading and video format with the product

4. Product Reviews (1min)

My reviews are based solely on real practical experience over a period of time and/or on one of my adventure tours. In any case, in an environment intended for the product or in an authentic setting. All reviews are part of my website and remain published for the entire duration of my website, nothing is deleted. I would like to give interested parties the opportunity to find out more about a product that may be found on the used market (sustainability) even after several years. I am happy to recommend a product that is good in my opinion, without creating an obtrusive advertising character. In order to maintain my professional and factual level, product weaknesses, if any, are also mentioned.

  • Creation of detailed, authentic and SEO-optimized written product reviews for search engines
  • Top placements of the corresponding product photos in the Google image search
  • Video review on my Youtube channel parallel to the written review

5. Brand Ambassador (1min)

Basically, I attach great importance to a trusting and long-term cooperation with companies and manufacturers whose products, in accordance with my philosophy, I am generally convinced of. As an ambassador for your brand, I am happy to take on the responsibility of representing your corporate philosophy in public. A brand message is something special, therefore limited, and for me it means “Product Review Plus”:

  • ongoing product reviews of new products from your company
  • Review both in German and parallel on my English page
  • Exclusive rights to my photos of their products
  • regular contact, as well as short-term order implementation
  • possibly joint trade fair appearances
  • Suggestions for product improvement, as well as ideas for new products
  • priority use of your company’s products
  • Linking your company (brand logo) in my partner area
  • Upon request, your logo will also be on my expedition vehicle

6. Photogryphy (0,5min)

I take photos with passion, and for many years with professional camera equipment for a wide variety of purposes: Documentation of my adventure tours, nature and landscapes, outdoor products during use in an authentic setting. From this I offer you the following photographic services:

  • Image rights, i.e. use of my professional photos for your purposes
  • high-resolution photo motifs on various print media (e.g. posters, canvas, laminates)
  • personal photo service – your wish is my mission

7. Technical reports (0,5min)

I make my acquired knowledge and experience available in the lexicon area of my website. These are thoroughly researched reports on essential outdoor topics, instructions from the field of vehicle technology and everything to do with food and health. I would be happy to prepare a documentary report for you from these areas on a topic of your choice, e.g. for publication on your website or for event purposes.