Autor: Dominik

1. Preface

As a rule, I do not turn to companies as a supplicant for the provision of products in order to then present them for advertising (possibly in accordance with an agreement), but offer companies as contractor my professional work with the products in an authentic environment. The resulting results (photographs, reviews, adventure reports, etc.) go far beyond the relatively simple display of products, i.e. simple advertising. The market is already well filled with this type of presentation, and not everyone likes it; it is even less convincing, certainly not skeptics or people who are familiar with the matter. I am not an opportunist whose opinion is bought and who advertises what is given to him, but I work out of conviction and stand for authenticity. Both the readers of my website and 98% of the viewers of my relatively young YouTube channel like this extremely well. I only present what corresponds to my philosophy, and this belief is not infrequently carried over on the consumers, who are subsequently very satisfied with the products I recommend. I also invest a lot of time in answering comments and emails in detail, i.e. individual advice; Unrestricted customer satisfaction is very important to me. To this day I have verifiably financed all equipment, clothing and other utensils that I have presented on my entire website as well as in video format (my first of the approx. 350 reviews is from 1999). I have been using the products of the manufacturers with whom I am satisfied, so it’s been a long time. Accordingly, I am not obligated to any manufacturer and can present both the practical use and my honest opinion in an informal manner. Without having to mark it as paid advertising in any way. I don’t advertise, I convince, and this difference is by no means less profitable. There is probably no more convincing representation if, for example, I carry a backpack for 6 weeks across any terrain through Europe’s last wilderness, experience numerous (real) adventures with it, include them in the review with correspondingly meaningful and canvas-suitable photos, and the backpack then use it for many years to come, and edit the already unique review with additional photos. This not only pleases the search engines (which are full of my photos), but also the planet in terms of sustainability (if this product is also convincing in the second-hand market). The products I introduce are just as authentic as I am. This authenticity goes far beyond what is currently customary on the market. However, it is not a mass product, but primarily reserved for selected products, the quality of which corresponds to my work and my convictions.

A company that is unconditionally convinced of the quality of its high-quality and / or sustainable products and that is just as concerned that the products inspire not only laypeople but also professionals under appropriate conditions of use is also supported by be enthusiastic about the results of my work. I have absolutely no doubt about that, and I look forward to working together like this.

2. Tours

Product reviews, i.e. are usually carried out precisely for this purpose. For maximum authenticity, I test, photograph and evaluate outdoor products “live” on tour. As part of my adventure trips as well as on shorter active trips with a My adventure tours with an expedition character are directly related to my product reviews, i.e. they are usually carried out precisely for this purpose. For maximum authenticity, I test, photograph and evaluate outdoor products “live” on tour. As part of my adventure trips as well as on shorter active trips with a focus on hiking, trekking, mountain biking, paddling as well as 4 × 4 off-road, someone can accompany me if necessary, and are also happy to actively participate in my product tests; more here. The following are of particular interest to companies:

  • Promotion tours, punctually for the market launch of the respective product, as well as for general advertising purposes during the ongoing series production
  • Descriptive and entertaining travel reports in reading and video format, as well as high-resolution landscape and nature photos

3. Product Reviews

My specialty are product tests of high-quality outdoor equipment and clothing on my adventure tours, in combination with professional product photos in a correspondingly authentic setting. All reviews are part of my website and remain published indefinitely or for the continuous duration of my website. With this I would like to give interested parties the opportunity, even after several years, to find out more about a product that may be found on the used market (sustainability). In my opinion, I am happy to recommend a product that is good, without creating an obtrusive advertising character; Thanks to my recommendations, numerous products in various categories have already been sold in the past. In order to maintain my professional and objective level, product weaknesses, if any, are also mentioned. In principle, I also do not rate anything that I have not extensively tested in practice beforehand.

  • Creation of detailed, authentic product reviews optimized for search engines
  • Top placements of the corresponding product photos in the Google image search
  • Video review on my Youtube channel parallel to the written review
  • possibly also suggestions for product improvement

Note: An additional point rating system is still planned for 2021 in every review, as well as a newsletter about new articles on my website.

4. Brand Ambassador

Basically, I attach great importance to a trusting and long-term cooperation with companies and manufacturers, of whose products I am generally convinced, in accordance with my philosophy. As an ambassador for your brand, it is a particularly responsible task for me to represent your company’s philosophy in public. For this there should of course be decisive intersections of our ideas.

  • Brand ambassador = product review “plus”
  • ongoing product reviews of new products from your company
  • Review both in German and parallel on my English page
  • Exclusive rights to my photos of their products
  • regular contact, as well as short-term order implementation
  • possibly joint trade fair appearances
  • Suggestions for product improvement, as well as ideas for new products
  • priority use of your company’s products
  • Linking your company (brand logo) in my partner area
  • Upon request, your logo will also be on my expedition vehicle

5. Photogryphy

I take photos with passion, and for many years with professional camera equipment for a wide variety of purposes: Documentation of my adventure tours, nature and landscapes, outdoor products during use in an authentic setting. From this I offer you the following photographic services:

  • Image rights, i.e. use of my professional photos for your purposes
  • high-resolution photo motifs on various print media (e.g. posters, canvas, laminates)
  • personal photo service – your wish is my mission

6. Factual and technical reports

I make my acquired knowledge and experience available in the lexicon area of my website. These are thoroughly researched reports on essential outdoor topics, instructions from the field of vehicle technology and everything to do with food and health. I would be happy to prepare a documentary report for you from these areas on a topic of your choice, e.g. for publication on your website or for event purposes.