Team & Contact

Adventurer, GearJunky, outdoor photographer and talent for organization. On foot in the woods and fields, with the 4×4 in the field and the canoe on the water, he is out and about in all vegetation zones of our earth. Versatile and always full of ideas; builds prototypes, restores classic cars and drives everything that can be moved with passion. He is the contact person for our expeditions, vehicle conversions, outdoor equipment and clothing as well as product and landscape photography.


Always on the move, whether with inline skates, MTB, racing bike or on foot. Perfection and striving for high quality are its strengths.

He is the contact person for everything to do with the website.



Our two adventurers accompany us around the world on four paws; Ilai our daring athlete and Elli the playful nose – a perfect team with action guaranteed. Click here for our own Weimaraner website.